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Find out how small firm attorneys are using a Renegade approach to marketing to win the $450 million dollar bet against them…

Effective, Ethical, and Outside-the-Box

Benjamin W. Glass has spent years decoding the treacherous landscape of marketing in the internet age. One thing he has discovered, most of the advice you are given is just plain wrong.

Renegade Lawyer Marketing exists for solo and small firm attorneys. It was created to help those attorneys compete with the 800-pound gorilla in their neighborhood, as well as the the non-lawyer legal services like Avvo, LegalZoom, and Legal Docs that are dominating the marketplace.

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Renegade Lawyer Book

The $450,000,000 Bet Being Made Against Solo and Small Firm Lawyers Cannot Be Gambled on with Faulty Marketing Techniques

Millions of consumers are bypassing the traditional route to legal services in favor of the offerings of well-funded technology companies owned, operated and financed by non-lawyers. LegalZoom boasts of annual revenue in excess of $200 million.

For those of you thinking "oh, that's just wills and trust documents, they won't affect my business," you are dead wrong. (Car manufacturers once thought companies like Google and Apple didn't have anything to do with their businesses, either.)

In 2013, over $450 million was invested by venture capitalists in the Avvos, LegalZooms and Rocket Lawyers of the world. They don't have a cash flow problem, nor do they face any of the typical lawyer advertising restrictions that inhibit our ability to compete with them.

Renegade Lawyer Marketing was written specifically for the solo and small firm lawyer. YOU are the backbone of the legal economy. YOU ( and you alone) are responsible for your success. YOU cannot afford to wait for endless "studying" of the problem.

This book was inspired by the thousands of solo and small firm lawyers who are members of Great Legal Marketing, have attended our events, or who have been influenced by our marketing and practice-building principles. We have been preparing for this threat for the last decade! You can't wait for others to solve this problem for you.

What You Will Learn From This Book

  1. Why most lawyer marketing messages being run by mega-TV advertisers today are never heard and what you must do to stand out in a very crowded market.
  2. Why the typical lawyer advertising message of “we care” or "we are aggressive" is almost as bad as saying nothing and how a simple change of message can establish you as respected authority in your town.
  3. Seven critical and inexpensive habits that the top solo and small firm lawyer marketers follow to make sure that they never have to worry about where the next case is coming from.
  4. What you must add to every advertisement if you want to wring maximum ROI out of every hard earned dollar it cost to run that ad.
  5. The secret to follow up marketing that most lawyers miss because they believe a huge myth about their prospects.
  6. Social media: so easy to do and yet (usually) so wasteful. What the folks selling you “how to get more friends” will never understand.
  7. How to guarantee that your team will answer the phones right every time so that the ad dollars you just spent to get the phone to ring won’t be wasted.
  8. The marketing skills you need to master in order to never fear the 800-pound gorilla, even if his face IS on every billboard, bus and park bench in your city.
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"Do Good Work and the Clients Will Come"

Sound familiar? We'd like to see a politician win political office on this platform, but it's not going to happen. Don't be fooled by the traditional advice. To truly make your practice stand out, you need to be a Renegade.

The "if you build it, they will come" mentality can be the death of your business. Think about it. You can "do good work" for years and no one will care because they can get that work done cheaper at LegalZoom. To compete, you need to do more than good work, you need to become a Renegade


Why Call it "Renegade Lawyer Marketing"?

Because being a Renegade is all about getting your practice noticed

Ben Glass has made a career out of being a renegade. He is a father of nine children (four of them adopted and five who still get on the school bus every morning), a small business advocate in Northern Virginia, a non-profit and charity supporter, and ex-marathon runner - in addition to being one of the most-reviewed attorneys in the Northern Virginia (see him on Avvo and Google).

Also, Ben created Great Legal Marketing, LLC,  to help solo and small firm lawyers not only survive, but thrive. The members of Great Legal Marketing have made a huge impression in the world of lawyer marketing, and the principles they use can be found in Renegade Lawyer Marketing.

Are You a Renegade?

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